Will my claim be approved?
This is a very common question and a difficult one to answer right away. Remember, you have to meet Social Security Administration’s criteria for disability, both technically and medically, in order to be approved for benefits.  In spite of having medical records, severe impairments or a diagnosis, the medical examiner or Administrative Law Judge will ultimately be the ones making the decision.

How much do you charge?
Typically, you will find most attorneys and companies will charge a fee of 25% of the retroactive benefits (or past-due benefits) up to $6000, whichever is less.  This fee agreement address in Social Security Act under Section 206(a)(2)(A).  There may also be out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the claims process such as photocopying, payments for medical records, reports, and other miscellaneous charges. Please note, there is no fee if you do not win your claim.

Do I Need a Representative?
There is a great advantage of hiring a representative for your claim. Statistics have shown you have a better chance of getting approved for your claim if you have help from a representative. We understand the process is very frustrating and complicated, but with the help of a representative, it would simplify through the process. As such, you should contact Wallace Disability Solutions immediately to see how we can help with your claim. The earlier we are able to work on your case, the more time we have to properly evaluate your case and prepare you if there is a hearing approaching before an Administrative Law Judge.

How can VA benefits affect my Social Security Disability benefits?
You can obtain both Social Security Disability benefits and military benefits. In general, there is no offset of your disability benefits based on the earnings from your VA benefits. Your Social Security benefits are based on your earn income and work credits. However, if you did not pay Social Security taxes, you may see a reduction in your Social Security Disability benefits if you also receive a government pension.

When is the best time to apply for benefits?
You can apply for benefits as soon as you feel as you are disabled and unable to work on a full-time basis. Just remember for Social Security Disability purposes, your condition has to have lasted or expect to last at least 12 months.  This means, you do not have to wait 12 months to apply. Wallace Disability Solutions can assist you in getting started with your claim, just give us a call at (888)333-4045.

If I win, when will I start receiving disability benefits?
Social Security Disability Insurance and Disabled Widow’s/Widower’s Benefits have a “waiting period” before you can start receiving benefits. The waiting period ends after the 5th full month have passed from the month you became disabled. Please keep in mind, under Social Security rules, benefits cannot be paid more than 1 year prior to the month you filed your claim. That means, even if you feel your disability began many years ago, benefits can only be recouped 1 year prior to your filing date. SSI benefits, however, cannot start until the first full month of eligibility after your initial application date.

For SSDI or Title II benefits, you qualify for Medicare. For SSI, you automatically qualify for Medicaid.

How much money will I receive if I am found disabled?
You benefits are based on your earnings from your past work and amount of Social Security Taxes you paid. The best way to found out how much you would receive is by obtaining an earnings report directly from Social Security Administration. For SSI benefits, there is a maximum amount an individual can receive, however for each year and the state, this number may fluctuate. Please see this link to find out the most you can receive. There can be a reduction to your benefits if there are any other earnings, assets you possess, or resources. The benefits you would receive will last as long as you remain disabled under the Social Security Act. If Social Security Administration finds an improvement in your condition or you decide to go back to work, your benefits may be terminated. If this does happen, you may appeal their decision or eventually start a new application if you believe you are still disabled.